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Yacht Arrangements in Cuba

Visiting Cuba requires planning and preparation. In Cuba, there are unique rules, regulations and customs that we will help you navigate in order to have a safe and fun adventure.
We will assist with planning in the weeks leading to your visit. One of our port agents will meet you at the dock when you arrive to assist with all your needs and cruise requirements.
Captains and Owners seek our services for
  • VIP guest services
  • Air, hotel and transport
  • Diving and Fishing Excursions
  • port agency services
  • bunkering
  • provisioning
  • marina and port reservations
  • itinerary and cruise planning
  • air and land arrangements
  • VIP hotels and tours
  • Private aircraft arrangements
  • Unforeseen repairs and crew changes
In all cases, we will make sure you are legal, prepared with proper documents, and that everything comes off without a hitch. And if there is a hitch, we are there to sort things out. We have people on the ground in every port and marina in Cuba that will find solutions for you.
US Treasury OFAC License

U.S. Yachts can obtain a license to visit Cuba for purposes of Research or Ocean Conservation. Please inquire.

US Coast Guard Permit to Enter Cuban Territorial Waters

Regardless of where you enter Cuba from, or where you head after you leave Cuban waters, if you are U.S. flagged, or U.S. owned (beneficial), then you will need Treasury (OFAC) permission to visit Cuba.

Cuban Tourist Visa Regs

Marinas will issue you a Cuban Tourist visa for $50-100.

We are a Travel Agency affiliated with Havantur.

As licensed operators, we are part of the country-wide Havanatur travel assistance network; and we have direct access to, and support of all the Havanatur agencies and offices in virtually every city in Cuba.

This has come in very handy for our clients over the years.

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly

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